Laughter, joyful tears, dancing, kissing, love, happy … all words you want associated with your big day. Every wedding has its own unique style, no menu should be the same! My goal is to create a menu that is unique and exiting for you. I want to meet with you, hear your story, your vision for the wedding and your favorite food memories. This is the beginning of your menu. Planning should always be fun, so should tastings. Let me cook dinner for you and your 4 closest friends so you can taste the menu. This is one of the highlights of the planning process. Abundance, artistry and satisfaction will describe the wedding day. There will always be a plate ready for you to enjoy and recharge. You will not be the one that says: “I never tasted my wedding food!” Leave it in our hands. Relax knowing that it’s Time to Taste Catering who has it under control.

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