Andrew Elster – Surprise Birthday Party

“Daniel’s custom party experience was both a culinary delight as well as
the perfect surprise birthday present for my wife. Our intimate dinner
party with three couples was easily our best memory of the year. For the
price, you can not do better for your own personal Spanish chef who will
delight your taste and charm your guests.
The process was very easy and customizable. He presented me with a menu of
items and suggested combinations, which allowed me to tailor the price and
experience for my party. I choose the seafood paella, which turned out to
be an unforgettably phenomenal meal from the visually stunning array of
prawns atop the fluffiest rice to the panoply of flavors melding perfectly
with saffron. It’s actually hard to describe how good it was. Do yourself a
favor and hire this guy to cook for you!
Being an imaginative chef, Daniel brings his own original flare to the
traditional foods of his Spanish homeland. His own tapas creation, chorizo
lollies, are an incredible and delectable blend of sweet, savory, and spicy.
In additional to being a great chef, Daniel is also a great entertainer.
His presentation is contagiously enthusiastic and, depending on level of
interest, he’ll even offer demonstrations on how to recreate his meals at
My wife and I were thrilled to share an unforgettable meal among close
friends, with an ambiance and service you simply can’t find at any