Laura Koelle – Applied Cello Professor, Clemson University – Wedding 2017

Daniel is truly a gift to the Greenville community! When my husband and I
were considering food options for our wedding reception, Daniel was the
first and only caterer we ever considered because we knew his food was
fresh, unique and most importantly: delicious! Before we even sat down with
him, we knew we wanted him to be a part of our celebration. Being in the
event industry as well, I have been at many events where Daniel has catered
and each have been completely outstanding. His menu items are completely
unique – and in a sea of traditional caterers, he shines bright and
blindingly stands out from the rest! Daniel takes the time to sit down with
you and figure out an amazing, individualized game-plan for your event menu
– he is very meticulous and does not let one detail go unplanned. At our
reception he even went out of his way to find my husband and I to give us
the first servings of his amazing paella, so we didn’t have to leave our
guests! He made sure there was a glass of wine in my hand at all times and
even came and danced with me later in the evening – what more could a bride
want! Daniel also offers an in-home tasting with a few of your closest
friends and family – one of my absolute fondest memories we have ever made
in our home. Don’t let your event blend in with the rest; allowing Daniel
to be a part of it will create a truly memorable evening and have your
guests raving!