Pisto, Spain's most versatile sauce

Every time I make my Moroccan meatballs at events, someone always asks what the sauce is. Well, secret is out! And best of all it’s perfect for more than just meatballs. A great way of hiding veggies and making it for pasta, chicken or fish. Make it this week, and freeze some of it to have on hand. Enjoy!

Social Meals GVL

As our world has been rocked by the spread of the coronavirus, we are all scrambling to take care of ourselves and those we love — to pay our bills, to stay healthy, to find toilet paper, to eat. Although social distancing has put a damper on catered events and closed restaurants in our community, we can all eat well at home, where most of us are spending more time right now.
If you are not interested in eating takeout every night, and at the same time a bit stressed about meal prepping and cooking more than usual, let me help! The way I cook for my family isn’t fancy. It’s flavorful, healthful, affordable, versatile, adaptable, and accessible for kids.
Cook along with me as I share real-life recipes, home cooking tips, and (raw, unprofessional) cooking videos. Come into my home kitchen  to learn, to laugh and to feel less alone while prepping and enjoying meals. Invite your family, friends and neighbors to join the party!
A few ideas for using these resources:
Cook along with me as you watch my videos
Invite friends to watch the videos and cook along with you, in their own kitchens
Video chat with friends during your cooking sessions and meals
When weather allows, have backyard or driveway “Six Feet Apart” picnics with your neighbors — near enough to talk, but far enough to avoid spreading germs
Post pictures, hashtag them #socialmealsgvl and #timetotastecatering, tell me how your food turned out, tell me what the best or funniest or most awkward part of the video was!
Cooking may be out of your comfort zone, but I assure you, making videos of myself is out of mine. Let’s do this together — but six feet part.